Saturday, November 7, 2009

James is seven weeks old and Xander makes his 2nd trip to the ER!

Sometimes I just totally hate blogger- I had a huge long post typed and supposedly saved and when I went to move one of the pictures the whole darn thing crashed on me- ggrrrrgrgrgrggr
So anyway... I can't believe my little bit is already 7 weeks old- eeek! And he is such a smily little guy! Xander decided to celebrate James' 7 week birthday by slipping and falling in the tub- hitting his head on either the edge of the tub or the faucet I'm not sure which- and splitting open his forehead. At first it was bleeding like crazy and I was a bit concerned- mind you the fact that both kids were screaming bloddly murder and Xander and I were both naked having just been in the tub didn't help the situation! But by the time we left for the hospital the bleeding had basically stopped but I was worried that he might need stitches. They ended up just using dermabond to glue it back together which was so much less painful than stitches would have been so thank goodness! We actaully got in and out of there pretty quickly and Xander tolerated all the poking and prodding pretty well! Milk is a wonderful soother.
Today we spent most of the day down at the ELM b/c Frank was organizing the Soccer Jamboree. Luckily it was a lovely day and Xander seemed to be his normal self running around like a crazy child, bouncing in the bouncy house, playing with soccer balls, and clambering on the playground. James was easy today just chilling out- as opposed to yesterday when he wanted to be held ALL DAY LONG! The plan for the rest of the weekend is to clean, clean, clean in order to get ready for the party next Saturday!

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