Monday, May 17, 2010

Make way for ducklings.....

Well our 2 muscovy females hatched their ducklings today. It looks like there are about 15 or so babies bewteen the 2 of them. The one only hatched 2 and the second hatched WAY more- we haven't gotten an accurate count yet b/c she is hiding them quite well. Now we just have to keep them alive! Pics to come when they aren't hiding under mama.
Update 5/23: actually it looks like there are about 16 ducklings total. We may have had a few dissapear but it's been kinda of hard to keep track b/c they keep switching ducklings between the two hens. It seems to be about an equal number of blacks and browns. I guess it is a good use of mothering resources to divide up the duckies but it does make it difficult to keep track.

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