Monday, May 31, 2010

Xander's 2nd birthday party

Sunday evening we had a lovely birthday party for Xander. I was supposed to work Saturday night but luckily I was able to leave a few hours early and get some extra sleep so I wasn't totally cranky for the party! Yeah for sleep! It was a gorgeous day and all the kids were able to play outside. We had yummy burgers and dogs and delicious cake care of Xander's godmother. Xander got some great present from all his friends- current favs are new thomas trains, his tonka truck, a new set of wooden stackers, some farm bath toys, a beautiful new kid size picnic table, and a whole new set of books for bedtime(or anytime) reading! All in all it was a great party and I am so happy that everyone was able to come and celebrate our baby turning two! After the party Xander climbed up onto the kitchen table and got into the rest of the cake. We missed this event b/c we were at the movies but according to Nan he "really loved his cake." It's still more than edible even after he pawed it half to death! After the party Nan watched the kiddos and we had a fun adult only movie night at the drive-in. We saw Shrek and How to Train a Dragon, both of which were pretty good. I'd like to see How to Train a Dragon again b/c we had some sound issues at the beginning (the batteries in the radio died) and the sound wasn't so great until we got the car radio up and running. Also I think Xander might like it- although there was no singing so maybe not!

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Reba said...

thank you for having us be a part of xander's special day :) we had a really great time! xoxo