Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bedroom Reno Update

I know I promised pictures when it was all done and really I will post some but the reality is that it hasn't been quite done yet. We got all the major work done and now have been tied up with little details.. Frank finally finished my closet this weekend so now I can post pictures. Once I get my closet back together I can get some pictures of the room itself. I couldn't take pictures before because all the stuff from my closet was inhabiting the bedroom floor! Of course Frank still needs to finish his closet so he can get his stuff out of the way too!

Isn't my new closet beautiful!?!?!?!?! There is so much more storage with the corner unit and while I did lose a little hanging space the extra shelves will be totally worth it. I also love the fact that everything is on the one wall so you can actually stand and look at things- with the shelves on the right wall before it was such a tight squeeze in there. I'm using the 2 small drawers for all my jewelry and small items so they can stop cluttering up my dresser and as I have been putting things back I have been doing some major purging. I realized that most of my pre-baby shoes actually no longer fit me so I had to get rid of about half my shoes. It's so sad.... but in a way it feels great to have a new clean space that I can fill with things that actually fit me and that I am really going to wear! Now to get organizing....

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Emily said...

I love it! I wish I had such a great closet.