Monday, October 31, 2011

Word of the Week: Happy Halloween

Our first stop this Halloween was the assisted living facility where the boy's great grandfather lives. We somehow managed to time our arrival right at the beginning of dinner so Xander goes stomping into the dining room saying "I'm a Dragon! ROAR, ROAR, ROAR!" I thought he was going to give some of the little old ladies heart attacks but they survived! Everyone seemed to enjoy the boys in their cute costumes and Pop even gave them some candy for their baskets- albeit reluctantly (I think he wanted to keep the candy for himself...). Then they got to trick or treat at the front desk too so all in all it was a profitable trip for the boy's candy stash at least.

We spent Halloween night at Nan's house and went trick or treating with the boy's cousins, aunt and uncle in Dover. Nan stayed at the house to welcome trick or treaters and the 7 of us set out to terrorize the neighborhood with cuteness, It was a very nice time and the kids had fun. Xander had no trouble at all keeping up with the big kids but James trailed a little bit but he insisted on walking the while way himself. The hardest part was keeping them out of their candy buckets the second we got back inside. We had pizza and then headed home for some much needed sleep!

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Reba said...

they are so cute!!! we had fun trick or treating at grandma and grandpa's too. we get to go again tomorrow now that the power is back on in our town. :)

hey, miranda wants to get together with us sometime this month. do you have any weds. free?