Thursday, November 3, 2011

Final Renovation Pictures

So weeks ago I promised pictures of our room since we finished it. I should say we mostly finished it... we had to remove the radiator cover to put the new floor in and now the old cover won't fit back on so we need a new cover. Well we are hoping that we can get a new cover and don't have to have the radiator itself changed out or moved up to accommodate the old cover. One major project at a time!

So new paint, new floor, new ceiling fan, new window treatments, new bed, new bedding, and some new accessories and we have our calm oasis. We finally are able to use the headboard we purchased with the bedroom set when we moved in here 4 1/2 years ago. Even with the king size bed the room seems so much bigger than it did before. I think the paint color and the lighter floor color really lightens up the room. I also love the fact that we don't have those big heavy drapes any longer. The blackout roman shades are working well- they aren't perfect as the old heavy drapes did block out more light but I am still able to sleep without too much difficulty. Mostly the noise of kids and dogs is more distracting than the light. Luckily, except on the weekends, the kids at least are at daycare or school.

My only disappointment is that the rug that I got on clearance is too big for the pathway between the wall and bed so it won't work to keep Frank's toes warm in the winter. It fits nicely at the end of the bed so my plan is to get some smaller ones for along the sides of the beds but this time with some more exact measurements in mind!

Next up is my bathroom but since I have been forbidden to spend any money in the doing it will take a little more ingenuity. I still have paint from the bedroom so that should take care of that and I got some Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards to buy new hand towels etc. I need to get going on stripping the wallpaper but I am waiting until I am feeling a little more motivated! Early next year we will also redo the playroom upstairs as a big boy room for James. The boys are getting bedding etc for Christmas and we are saving up for a new floor in there as well. Someday we'll get everything freshly painted and decorated! and then it will be time to start again....


GirlAnachronismE said...

The room is looking lovely, I bet you're really glad to have your little haven finished!

dulceameacasa said...

I love your room. Blue is my favorite colour, too. Great job!