Tuesday, November 8, 2011

postscript to bedtime

I should have know that my lovely bedtime peace was too good to last...  Both boys were up from midnight to three am and I finally dumped James on poor Frank b/c I was too exhausted to deal anymore.  Luckily we all took a lovely nap today, well except Frank that is!

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Renee Anne said...

I'm not looking forward to those days...then again, when most babies are sleeping 6-12 hours/night, I've been forced to wake him up to feed him at 4 hours, then it was bumped up to 6 hours, then 8, and I can finally let him sleep 10 hours uninterrupted. That doesn't mean he does, however. Because he's been woken up so often in the first year of his life, he doesn't sleep the full allotted time very often.


At least you were able to rally with the husband to get some sleep...