Monday, December 12, 2011

We're still alive...

I somehow managed to take an unintentional vacation from blogland and every time I have sat down to write a post something has come up!  Now I don't know where to start.  Suffice it to say a trip to Missouri, excessive amounts of babies been born at work leading to long shifts, a trip to the ER (yes everyone is fine and this time it wasn't one of my kids....), lots of Christmas crafts and knitting, a new computer and various sundry and other things have interfered with my ability to write.  But this week is a new beginning and if it weren't 1am already you'd be seeing more now.  As is you will have to wait till after we go and visit the doctor, the dentist, go grocery shopping, buy daddy's Christmas present and go to zumba (and that is just the agenda for today!).

By the way I did finish my shawl in time for the wedding and yes I do have pictures (although not from the wedding) and you will see them this week!

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Reba said...

glad everybody is ok! my shawl is so beautiful and warm :) ok i was about to type a really long comment so i'm going to email you instead.