Monday, December 12, 2011

Xander WCV & the dentist

Xander has his 6 month follow-up today.  His pedi has been seeing him every six months instead of yearly given all the issues he has had with his ears and growth.  Today he weighed in at 31.2 lbs and 36.5 in, which puts him in the 20th percentile for weight and the 5th percentile for height.  Poor guy has apparently inherited my height! But he is keeping his weight up and on the growth curve and might even be tad chubby for his height but both the pedi and I agree he looks pretty healthy overall. He got a clean bill of health on his ears today and here's hoping we can just keep that up. We are going to avoid oral antibiotics as long as possible because the reality is they don't seem to work all that well and given that he already has MRSA we don't want him to become more antibiotic resistant. So when he gets his next ear infection we are going to try irrigation first.  We'll see how he tolerates that!  Maybe he just won't get any more infections.... I can dream right?

After Xander's dr visit we went to the dentist which went amazingly well.  Both boys were very cooperative and let the dentist look at and clean all their teeth. They did both sit on my lap to do it rather than on their own in the chair but there was no screaming or fussing and it was over and done with very quickly.  Xander has all his expected baby teeth now and James is just beginning to cut his 2 year molars- maybe that's why his fist has been living in his mouth these days. James' teeth are pretty crowded but it looks like he should have enough room for all the baby teeth. When he turns 6 or 7 she said we can do a panoramic x-ray to see if he is going to have enough room for all his adult teeth but that she expects he will have some issues with crowding.  Maybe it would be a good thing if he followed his dad's footsteps and was missing a few adult teeth!  It's pretty sad when at 2 your dentist is telling you to start saving for orthodontic work later on. For now the flossing fight continues.  I did find that despite the cost the flossers designed for kids really do work and James will floss his own teeth with them.

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