Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just an idea...

So I thought I would share a few photos to illustrate part of the reasons I've been so incognito this summer, you know in addition to being pregnant, working full time, and raising 2 kids.
Today's beefsteak tomato harvest

Today's roma tomato and yellow squash harvest

Yellow squash from earlier this week that I haven't processed yet!
Frank took a whole hopper of squash down to the food bank this afternoon.  Right now I am making tomato sauce with all those tomato.  These pics don't even take into account the beans, peas, corn, or zucchini. I'm loving and hating the garden all at the same time!

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reba alice said...

glad you guys are all doing well. looking forward to hearing news that little linnenbringer #3 is here, as i'm sure you are akso more than ready!