Sunday, August 5, 2012

Trip to North Conway

Xander shooting water pistols

So in July we went to North Conway for a couple days with Frank's parents.  We drove up on a Wednesday afternoon, went for a swim in the hotel pool, had dinner at a nice little Thai restaurant (Frank did not think that pad thai was like mafe by the way...), and then attempted to get the kids to sleep in a hotel room.  Actually we abandoned the kiddos to Grandpa so we could go shopping at the LL Bean outlet store! They did eventually make it into bed- one in one bed with me and the other in the other bed with Frank.  Who says romance is dead?

James trying to shoot water pistols but he wasn't quite tall enough!
Thursday we went to Storyland which I thought was a blast. Xander was like a man on a mission- go, go, go and don't stop until I ride every single ride or I drop face first to the ground. It was pretty funny to see.  Around noon or so he started to get kinda cranky so we had some lunch and went to watch the circus- thinking it would be nice to sit down for a bit.  Too bad it was so hot under the big top!  All in all it was a pretty hot day and we all suffered from it a bit but luckily there is enough shade and mist tents around that mostly we stayed cool.  After the circus, which actually was a really decent little circus, we did a bunch of water rides and the boys all got soaked so that helped cool us off.  James and I retreated to the Loopy Lap for a while because apparently pregnant women and kids under 36" can't ride ALL the rides.  Poor James missed it by a 1/2 in but at least he got to keep me company and Xander was pretty thrilled that he was big enough to do everything even if James wasn't!

Grandma enjoying the meag blocks!
 We left the park around 5:30 and the boys were both passed out by 6pm!  We ended up going back to the hotel and ordering take out because it didn't seem worth it to wake them up.  James stirred for a little while later on but Xander was out from about 6pm till 6am.  I've never seen the kid sleep so long! We abandoned them again to Grandpa in order to hit the outlet malls.  It's so nice to go shopping without two littles in tow!

Friday morning we were up early and off to the North Conway Scenic Railway to see Thomas the train in person. We started out with a 20ish minute train ride which the boys thoroughly enjoyed and then there were several other activities like story time (a total bust), meeting Sir Topham Hat (too long a line), seeing a model railway (ahhh air conditioning), a bounce house (big hit), playing with toy trains (another big hit), arts and crafts (a total bust), and temporary tattoos (James was thrilled, Xander less so). Thomas in general was not the funnest thing we have ever done.  I don;t know if they just needed to recover from Storyland from the day before or if crankiness was ensuing because it was broiling hot (like 100+) but Xander especially was a total crankpot most of the time we were there. We stayed a couple hours, had lunch, and headed home.  We took the scenic route past Mount Washington and then down 91S through Vermont so it was a nice leisurely journey home.  All in all a nice little getaway- we may have to try Storyland again next year so that James can ride the "crazy barn" too!

Really they did like riding on Thomas!

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