Thursday, August 2, 2012


my little hmbone
So I didn't really plan for us to fall off the face of the earth for this long but you know how life can get in the way sometimes!  We've had a very busy summer so far.  They boys have continued with gym and swim class at the YMCA and we have made regular trips to the beach at Spofford Lake. James has started back in speech therapy and we have enrolled him in preschool for the fall.   The boys have remained miraculously ear-infection free since April so we hope that trend continues.  We are scheduled to see the pediatric ENT specialist up at Dartmouth in September when we will reevaluate their hearing and determine whether or not further surgery is warranted and whether their hearing loss is likely to be permanent or not. Both boys will be attending preschool this fall- James in the am and Xander in the afternoons so it will make for busy days shuttling!

We had a lovely visit with Grandma and Grandpa Linnenbringer in July which I will talk more about in another post and Uncle Luke is scheduled to come visit in 2 weeks so hopefully we can have some more fun times.

We added 3 news lambs and 2 new pig to the menagerie.  The lambs are just so cute and 2 of them were ewes so we'll have to think of names for them as they will remain part of our breeding flock. The pigs are a breeding pair names Ralph and Lillian.  They probably weigh in at about 300 lbs apiece but they are enjoying life in the back pasture as they attempt to root up the fence line.  It's nice to have your own personal garbage disposals! Hopefully within a few months Lillian will grace us with some piglets.

Riding the Conway Scenic Railway
The garden has been keeping us extremely busy.  We have a few rows that have pretty much gone to seed and my roma tomatoes need some serious TLC but otherwise we (i.e. Frank) have done a good job keeping up with the weeds and we have been on the daily zucchini/yellow squash/green bean diet. We should have plenty of popcorn to go around too!  They boys are somewhat helpful with the weeding but mostly they drive their dump trucks up and down the rows.

In other big news we finally succumbed and bought a minivan. We purchased a used 2005 Toyota Sienna from a dealership in Lowell MA.  It needed a little TLC but I think we have finally gotten it where we wanted it to be.  We ended up keeping my Vibe and will use that for a commuter car seeing as the gas mileage is so much better and until baby arrives it will still fit all of us. Not to mention they weren't really going to give us hardly anything to trade it in!

I'm still trucking along, still pregnant, getting bigger by the minute.  This hot, humid weather hasn't really been my friend and going back to work after vacation was a total bummer but I'm mostly back into the swing of things now. I'm finding that I am much more tired this time around and as much as I have a million things that I would like to get done , I need to be good about taking breaks. That being said I need to get my cleaning groove on and shovel out the kitchen sometime this week! After that I'll be tackling the sewing room b/c baby needs some new diapers and it is hard to sew if you can't find the machine through all the clutter! Hopefully that nesting instinct will kick in soon!

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reba alice said...

congrats on the new pigs and sheep! nice to see an update and glad you all are doing well :)