Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to work...

So I started back to work on the 12th and it wasn't as bad as I feared it would be. I was concerned that I would have forgotten how to do my job after 4 months out but it was super busy my first night back so I was pretty much just thrown back into things. There are a few things that I forgot and a few things that have changed but that part was ok. I definetly missed my little man though! And getting used to pumping has been interesting. I have pumped at home of course but at work I have to schedule it into my night so I don't go too long. And figuring out how often I needed to pump has been a bit of a challenge, b/c if I don't pump enough then I am uncomfortable and if I pump too many times and then go home to a hungry baby he gets mad! I think I have a system now that seems to be working pretty well although my little piggy likes to eat more than I pump. Hopefully soon enough my body will get used to the pump in addition to the baby! Anyway I am back to work this week and then on vacation and then back to work full-time on Labor Day. Frank has a job interview tomorrow, no make that today... so we're keeping our fingers crossed for a nice, fat job offer!

We're off to Missouri on Wednesday to introduce Xander to the rest of the Linnenbringer/Prinster clan. It will also be his first trip on an airplane so we'll see how that goes. Mostly I am just concerned about packing at this point. With all these new fees for checked bags I am trying to limit what we take to the absolute minimum but with a baby that is a little bit challenging! Wish me luck!

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