Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stomach flu is the pits!

Well we made it to Missouri all right. Xander slept through his first and second plane ride, which I guess was a good thing. We stoppped in Philly and although we didn't have to change planes we were there for an hour and a half so they let us get off the plane, walk around and then get back on. So we changed his diaper and gave him a snack and then he was right back to sleep. We took the MoX shuttle to Columbia from Kansas City, which worked out very well seeing as we'd been up since 3:45 that morning (and we spent the night in Hartford!), but not having to drive was nice. Xander has been a big hit while we have been here and there are tons of other babies to play with... Hatton is having a fertility boom- I think they said that at church there were 27 babies due this year!

Things have been good since we've been here for the most part. I developed a wicked stomach flu on Sunday, which I thought I had gotten over but on Tues it hit again with a vengeance. My poor parents-in-law must think I am a total weakling b/c everytime we come here I get sick. So I have been spending a lot of time in bed or in the bathroom. Luckily Xander seems uneffected so far, but Frank hasn't been feeling so great himself. We are just the life of the party! It's a good thing we came for a little longer this time b/c otherwise we'd be heading home about now and I don't think I could make it!

I finally figured out to get all these pics from Frank's parents new computer. I am a Vista virgin so it has been a little on the interesting side but I think I have it mostly figured out. I can't decide whether I like Vista or not, in some ways its easier and in others harder but honestly I think it is really just difficult b/c it is not what am used to. We finally convinced Frank's parents to get DSL instead of dial-up so hopefully we can do a lot more picture sharing! The pic up at the top is of him discovering the playgym. He is getting really good at tracking things with his eyes and he constantly wants to look at everything. He doesn't like to lie in your lap anymore, he wants to be sitting up. He has been doing a lot more grabbing and grasping recently so we figured the playgym would give him something to grab for. We also got him a very light rattle so he spends a lot of time holding onto that. The other pics are of him and his grandparents. He is starting to recognize people more now- he always smiles at me and Frank whenever we come into the room or pick him up. He is still learning other people but he likes his Uncle Luke a lot. The pic at the bottom was supposed to be him holding his pacifier. He had it in both hands and was pulling it in and out of his mouth, but of course as soon as I got out he camera he dropped him and gave me this confused stare! But it was still pretty cute. We had Xander's three month pics taken yesterday but it will be a couple of weeks before we get them back but we managed to get one cute shot- we didn't time things very well so he was pretty crabby when he was supposed to be cute and adorable getting his pic taken!

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