Friday, August 8, 2008

Xander is 2 months old!

Ok well Xander was 2 months old like a week ago but I figured I would wait until after his 2 month dr's apt so you can have the updated stats and then there was the whole I got busy part... Anyway he now weighs 12lbs 4 oz and is 23.5 in long. He has huge feet and hands and an average size head, whatever that means. He got his first round of shots- mean mommy- but he did very well and only cried for a few minutes. I had this whole huge debate in my head about whether or not to delay shots but we ended up just giving them all at once b/c by delaying them he would have had to get more needle sticks and I'm more concerned about me bringing something home from the hospital or Frank bringing something home from school that will make him really sick than the effect the vaccines will have on him. So pretty much he has been growing like a weed. We spent the last 2 days with my mother at Pop's house making diapers b/c he outgrew his xsmalls and is now into smalls and we only had 1 medium made. Time to make some bigger sizes! There are always prefolds but mom has bought some really cool fabrics so he is going to have some pretty snazzy dipes.

In big news he rolled over for the first time last week- totally not on purpose and I doubt he could do it again but I got pretty excited about it! He was on his tummy for tummy time and put on arm out to the side instead of under him, cocked his head to one side and rolled right onto his back. It's funny how excited we can get about the littlest things. He has been cooing a lot more now and in the mornings he lays in his bassinett smiling and cooing until he gets hungry and demands food! I love hearing his little voice.

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