Thursday, May 14, 2009

Visit with Naomi

So Monday Xander and I went for a visit with Naomi and Reba. Naomi is such a cute little peanut. I forgot how much they sleep when they are that little. Xander was a whiny beast- sorry Reebs- but I think overall we had a nice visit. We had chili and Xander ran around like a mad man! It still astonishes me how fast he can get into things he isn't supposed to!

and because Reba tagged me on her blog, I am now responding (and tagging Haley and Hannah back!)

Eight things I look forward to:

1. sleeping through the night

2. when the weather gets nice enough to talk walks with the girls/babies

3. having some quiet time by myself with no kids/husband/dogs/cats/sheep/cows/etc

4. acquatics class

5. hearing people say that I have a beautiful baby (it never gets old.... selfish me!)

6. maternity leave

7. watching my kids grow up with Jen/Sheena/Darcy/Amy's kids and having that neighborhood bond

8. watching Xander become a big brother

Eight things I did yesterday:

1. took a nap

2. talked on the phone

3. fed Xander

4. changed Xander's diapers

5. played Farm Town on facebook- I'm addicted!

6. checked my email

7. sewed an outfit for a baby clothing swap

8. posted ultrasound pictures of the new baby

Eight shows I watch:

1. In Plain Sight

2. Medium

3. ER

4. Heros

5. Numb3rs

6. Supernatural (only with DH present however b/c otherwise occasionally they are too scary!)

7. Bones

8. Backyardigans- Xander's favorite!

sorry about the double spacing- I cut and paste and that is what you get!

1 comment:

Reba said...

thanks for coming and making us food! :)
looking forward to going to the drive in with you guys
i'm getting addicted to farm town too!