Saturday, May 2, 2009

Xander is 11 months old!

The things I can't seem to believe today: It's May!, in a few short weeks my baby will be a toddler, my "baby" is walking around and would rather play by himself most of the time than be cuddled by me, he is going to be going to a big boy daycare, how tired I am.... I took some pics yesterday on his bday so I'll have to download them and post but now I am going to flop on the couch b/c that is all I seem to have the energy for today!

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Reba said...

i can't believe he's almost a year old!! i have to ask our pediatrician about his b-day party. at our 1st visit she said to avoid large crowds for the 1st 4-6 weeks but i will ask again next time and specify that i have 3 b-day parties at the end of may. thank you for calling, guess what we were doing...SLEEPING! it felt awesome to take a nap!! i'm going to take a shower but i will call you after, i hope that's not too late. otherwise will try tomorrow. fams are visiting tomorrow. love you guys. thank you for the fruit. it kept us going for a couple days.