Saturday, May 30, 2009

Alexander is ONE!!!!!!

I really am having a hard time believing my baby is one! These photos are actually from the day before his birthday- but close enough! We had fun at picture people as Xander decided to be less than cooperative as he kept trying to walk up to the photographer and steal her camera! Despite his lack of cooperation we really were able to get some cute shots! Anyway so after our big outing to Nashua on Friday we had Xander's birthday party on Saturday morning- his actual birthday! Despite less than stellar turnout- I think only about 10 people actually came- we did have a really fun time. Melissa made an absolutely gorgeous and delicious cake and Xan even had his own smash cake which he mostly just picked the frosting off. We had the party down at the community center so there was plenty of room for the little ones to run around, which they did! I think Xander really enjoyed himself and that was the most important part. He was a total trooper staying awake the whole party and not getting fussy even though he was getting tired at the end. I think the lure of playing with his brand spanking new John Deere lawn mower was enough to keep him from losing it- even though May kept trying to steal it from him! Anyway after the party we all came home and crashed! Xander and both took a long nap and felt much better afterwards! Grandma Linnenbringer and my mom were both here as well as Frank's Aunt Elaine and Robert, Mugino, George and May all came back to house afterwards so they apparently had a good time while Xand and I slept. I guess Robert and Frank busted out the water guns and went to war with May and George- can you guess who lost? Our little prince- isn't he cute?

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Reba said...

cute pics HAPPY BDAY XANDER! :)