Friday, October 16, 2009

James is four weeks old!

Oh my goodness how times flies! I can't believe the little bit is already a month old. It doesn't seem to me like he has grown all that much but I was at work the other day picking up my sad and pathetic paycheck and I put him on the scale just to see and he weighed 10 lbs 7oz- eek! Now granted that was with clothes and a diaper on so subtract some off of that but still.... He is going to catch up with Xander if he keeps growing at this rate. Wouldn't that be hilarious if Xander ended up wearing James' hand me downs. Grandma and Grandpa Linnenbringer are here visiting and we are madly painting away (well let's be honest Grandma is madly painting away) in Xander's big boy room so James will hopefully be able to move into the nursery after the new carpet gets installed next week and we put the room back together. I do have pics and someday I will actually get them uploaded!

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