Friday, October 2, 2009

James is two weeks old!

Aren't my boys beautiful! ..ignoring of course the scrunched up look on James' face. My mother has taken to calling them vanilla and chocolate..he he he. Xander has gotten really good about holding James and not attacking him too much- he still likes to pinch his nose sometimes but we're working on it! It's so funny to have two boys who looks so much alike but at the same time look so completely different! We'll see where we end up personality wise!

Congratulations to Diane and Laurent on the birth of their beautiful son- Arthur! He is only 8 days younger than James so hopefully someday we will be able to visit and our boys can be friends! We miss you guys!!!!

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Reba said...

they're adorable together! it's funny how different they seem now, but as they get older they will seem super close in age i bet. only a year apart, they're practically twins. isn't arthur a cutie pie too!! i'm so happy for diane and laurent.