Saturday, October 31, 2009

James is six weeks old- Happy Halloween!

Let me count the ways that I am so incredibly glad that I do not have to go back to work next week! As crazy as it is to think that my little bit is already six weeks old and my mat leave is already half over- if it was over I think I would go off the deep end! So thank you for my loving hubby who realizes that us being insanely poor for the next 2 months (or more) is so worth the added bonus of my sanity! I feel like it took me a month or so to really feel like myself again after James' birth and now I am working on trying to get us into a routine. Now granted that routine will have to change a bit once I go back to work but... at least we will have a jumping off point.

James is doing well- he weighs 10lbs 13 oz these days. Xander is so incredibly sweet with him- constantly trying to pick him up and hold him and love him. He hasn't actually picked him up yet- thank goodness- but he is always hugging and kissing him. Poor James usually ends up with a very slobbery face after Xander is through with him. The other day I was in the kitchen and James was on the couch and xander was playing. The couch used to be a safe away place for James to be but Xander has now figured out how to climb up on it- sigh... so anyway I was in the kitchen and I heard James start crying, realized Xander wasn't with me in the kitchen anymore and rushed into the living room to make sure he wasn't attacking James. OMG- so cute Xander was sitting on the couch next too (ok well partially on top of James b/c he has no respect for anyone's personal space let alone his brothers) and was holding the pacifier in James' mouth. Now James doesn't have any particular fondness for the paci so this didn't help his anger but it was so adorable! Since then I have noticed that whenever James crys Xander usually stops what he is doing to make sure you are doing something about it and if you don't immediately he will try to "help". What a good big brother!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! I'll try to make sure and remeber to take pics of the kids in their costumes later!

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