Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feed Me!!!!!

So James has been showing a real interest in food recently but the other night we were out at dinner and he was literally eating the plates. It was hilarious! He would reach out, grab the plate and literally shove it into his mouth. Luckily most of the time he was grabbing at an empty plate and we were at Pizza Hut so the plates were plastic but at one point he was sitting with Frank and just went for his pasta! I guess it mightbe time to consider some baby food but I hate that stage so much!It's so time consuming and messy and obnoxious! I guess I can hope that James will easier than Xander and I got rid of the cloth highchair for a vinyl replacment so that should at least make clean up easier. I just hate the point where everyone needs a bath after a meal. Why we can't just skip from breastfeeding to feeding yourself seems like a flaw in design to me!

See Xander has the right idea being a big boy eating with his fork and all! I can't believe how fast he is developing skills. He is just climbing everywhere - even on the kitchen counters! The other day he pulled the step ladder up to the counter, climbed up, and helped himself to some oreos- smart cookie! He's eating with a fork and spoon, albeit messily. He started his speech therapy last monday and has another session this monday. He was so good the last time- Emily, his therapist, had some wooden fruit that velcros together and he spent like 1/2 hour cutting the fruit, puttting it back together, cutting it some more. I was so impressed with his attention span and by the end of it he was basically saying "cut." He is saying more words for sure now. We have been trying to utilize the important words often so he really gets them and now he can tell us what he wants to a certain extent. He still isn't using distinct words- like joe-shmo off the street probably wouldn't be able to understand him- except for "ball" which is his favorite word by far- but he is clear enough that at least Frank and I know what he wants. "Milk" and "Bath" seem to be the 2 most recent additions. The last couple of nights that we have tried to put him to bed without a bath he goes upstairs and says "baaah", goes in to the bathroom and will try to climb into the tub full clothed! Apparently he likes the bath!

ps- not many pics of Xander recently b/c taking a photo of him is like trying to hit a moving target with a toothpick!

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