Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let the reno begin!

So this morning the demolition began! I posted awhile back about my fear of renovations and I am approaching this process with a bit of trepidation. Now I realize that my unnatural addiction to HGTV and in particular Holmes on Homes is fueling this trepidation but still.. (BTW if anyone wants to do a reno DO NOT watch Holmes on Homes first- he will scare the crap out of you!) So we took our time, interviewed and entertained quotes from multiple contractors, got references, went and saw jobs our contractor had done but I am still nervous. And the really pathetic part is that this is a pretty small job! But so far things are going well, loud but well, I hope...
Now for everyone who is like OMG I can't believe you are actually taking out the hearth- there is a method behind our madness. Trust me we wouldn't be spending the money (when we also need new siding and windows) if it weren't an immediate need. Basically as you can see from the pictures the hearth is falling forward and is taking the floor down with it. We live in fear of waking up one morning and finding the den in the basement. Plus it makes it difficult to put anything on the floor b/c everything slopes downwards! That all being said we also never use the wood stove- we have used it maybe 3 times in 3 years so here we have this montrosity caving in our floor and we never actually use it. So the plan is to repurpose the den as a den/office/library and move the wood stove around the other side of the chimney and put it in the sunroom which will serve the purpose of providing heat for that room! I will keep you updated as the reovations continue.
Oh yeah and we are getting a new front door too!

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