Friday, March 5, 2010

No more double digits for us...

Xander has been sick on and off this week. He came home Monday from daycare with a goopy eye and feeling a little warm to me but Tues he seemed better then worse then better again wed morning but I think by we afternoon he had used up all his reserves b/c he just didn't seem to get better. So finally yesterday afternoon when his temp was 102 I called the Dr office and we got an appointment for this morning. So in we went. My guess was that in combination with his cold and goopy eyes he had an ear infection. The thing that I will never understand is those damn typamnic thermometers(and the fact that I sewar every time we go for a sick visit the regular nurse who we really like is out sick too!). He I am bringing in my sick kid with a suspected ear infection and they always want to ram that thing into his ear- why? So of course it reads 97.7- b/c A) his ear are too small for the pediatric version that they have and B) b/c who can get him to hold still for a probe shoved into his yes, infected ear! But since I had taken his temp earlier that day (rectaclly- gross ok but the most reliable!) and found it to be 102.2 I had already given him motrin anyway. So yes he has bilateral severe ear infection and probably a case of conjuctivitis (viral not bacterial) on top of a cold. Fun times... So we started antibiotics and let the diarrhea roll. But back to my post title. In the process of our visit Xander got weighed and he was a whopping 23 lbs! which puts him back in the single digits for weight percentiles, 7th to be exact. So our stint in the 10th percentile was apparently short lived! James weighed in at 16 lbs so we'll see what happens when he has his 6 month check up in 2 weeks b/c I swear he has been in the middle of a growth spurt.

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