Tuesday, June 15, 2010

At the drive-in...

So Sunday night we went to the drive-in. It was perfect. It was, for seemingly the first time in weeks, not raining and it was a Sun night so the place was practically empty (bad for the drive-in, good for us). It was the last week before school got out so I imagine that Suns will be busier from now on. Anyway we went and had burger and fries and popcorn and all watched movies. The boys both fell asleep by then end of the first movie so we got to watch the 2nd movie in peace, which was nice. We saw Marmaduke (which was silly) and Date Night (which was HILARIOUS- and very appropriate to our current stage of life. I kept saying "that sounds just like us..."). The kids had fun running (and crawling) around. And since there were only 7 other cars there there was plenty of room for them to run about. Xander even got to have the palyground all to himself! I'm so glad that we have a drive-in close by b/c it's really one of my very favorite summer activities and something that I hope we can all continue to enjoy! Check it out- www.northfielddrivein.com

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