Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2 yr and 9 month well child visits.

So last week we paid a visit to Dr Walter again- this time with no shots! Last time we'll have no shots for either kiddo for awhile. Basically everything went well.

James: Weighed in at 18 lbs (14%), which means he too is following Xander's growth curve where between 6-9 months they kinda fall off. I really think that it is b/c at this age both of them became so much more active and mobile. The way that James is cruising all over the place he must be burning some serious calories! He was 26.75 in tall (8%) so apparently he isn't going to be very tall either. One thing he does have though is a BIG head! His head circumference was 18 in (63%). Our little cue-ball...right now he is a one-fanged cue-ball; really it's pretty hilarious!

Xander: was not very cooperative at this visit. It infringed upon nap-time for him and he got pretty cranky, especially by the end. I think next time if Frank is able to go with me I'll have him wait outside with Xander(where there are toys) and bring him in when we are ready for him. 3 adults and 2 kids in the exam room got to be too much for all of us and the a/c by the end. So Xander weighed in at 27 lbs so he's backup to the 34% for weight. His head circumference is only slightly larger than James' (not at all a shock to anyone who's seen them...) in the 11%. And he was 31 in tall so hopefully that wasn't an accurate measurement (cause like I said not so much with the cooperativeness) or they caught him right before a growth spurt b/c that knocks him completely off the curve for height. My little peanut!

Xander continues to have fluid in his ears on exam and we started him on Claritin daily hoping that might clear some of his congestion (no luck so far... but it's too early to tell). He is still waking up most mornings with a clear runny nose. As I posted earlier his repeat tympanograms were not promising so we have an appointment with Dr Wilson (an ENT) August 9th. I have a strong suspicion that given his history he will recommend PE tubes for Xander's ears. I'm still conflicted over this possibility so we'll see what Dr Wilson has to say for the risk/benefit ratio. I'm beginning to think that if that is his recommendation then the benefits are probably going to outweigh the risk/disadvantages. I can deal with earplugs if I have to. I'd like to be able to start potty training, mostly due to the ongoing diaper rash issues, but it's hard to do that if Xander can't reliably tell us when he needs to go!

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