Friday, July 2, 2010

A trip to the zoo...

So Wednesday we loaded up the kids and headed off to the zoo. We went to Southwick's Zoo in Mendon, MA where we met up with Nan and May and R and N. Check it out here. We got there pretty much right after they opened, which meant we got a prime parking spot- whoo hoo! (it's a bit sad how exciting the little things in life can become...). Both of the boys really seemed to enjoy it. Xander had a lot of fun saying "bye, bye" to all of the exhibits as we moved on. He was definitely a little man on the move though- he just wanted to "go, go, go." And he has the attention span of a gnat. He'd check out the animal and then he was like "bye,bye, go, go!" He got his first scraped knee- running and tripping on concrete will do that to you! But he tolerated it well and then the rest of the afternoon kept pointing at it and going "ouch."

James was interested in the animals but he, unlike his brother, consented to taking a nap while being carted in the stroller. All in all I think it was a good trip. James was interested and checked everything out and Xander spent the whole day running. I'm not sure he had a favorite animal, but he did seem particularly interested in the giraffes- a boy like his mama! He liked the llamas though too and he had a blast feeding the goats at the petting zoo- why I am not quite sure seeing as he does that everyday at home!

After the zoo we went and got some dinner at a local family restaurant. It was super yummy! Thank you Nan! Xander, however, after the not napping all day fell asleep on the 5 min car ride to the restaurant and slept through dinner. Some how he didn't sleep the rest of the ride home though... James and mama did though! Poor daddy was forced to stop for coffee and singing country songs at the top of his lungs to stay awake! Hopefully we will have more summer adventures to come!

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Reba said...

i got your message and i'm going to send you the pictures tonight! our computer was full so i had to delete things to make space so i could upload new pics. the zoo was so much fun!