Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wine Tasting and the Amish Country Store

Well you can't come to the Finger Lakes without doing some wine tasting so the goal for today was to do just that! We headed south along the west side of Seneca Lake b/c we planned on making our first stop at Weaver View Farms, which isn't actually a vineyard but an Amish/Mennonite Country Store. Mostly I just thought it would be an interesting stop but then I found out that they were also a fabric store so... of course we had to go! It was a total maze of a place but Lynn and I lost ourselves in it for awhile while Hadley entertained the kiddos outside- actually Xander was napping in the car and I think Hadley was just enjoying some face to face time with James. We had fun looking at all the fabrics and especially admiring all of the beautiful quilts. If only I had a few hundred extra dollars to spend on quilts! There was this absolutely gorgeous turquoise batik dark to light wall quilt that I was seriously coveting. I could plan a whole room around that little gem. Anyway they also had a wonderful selection of books. I have decided that we just need to purchase every book by Storey Publishing. I got a whole book about cheese- hopefully if we have extra milk I can make some!
After the Weaver Views we headed down the road to the Fox Run Vineyards where we had lunch and did a little wine tasting. They had a tour of the vineyard leaving right as we go there that would have been fun but we were all starving and the tour was an hour so food won that battle hands down. We didn't find any wine to bring home but I got some delic creamed honey and found a really cool wine tote that I am hoping I can replicate (Christmas gifts anyone...).
We decided we needed to hit at least one more vineyard before we called it a day so we went to Belhurst Castle. Talk about romance..it would be a fabulous spot to have a wedding. Anyway it is a winery, hotel, spa, and restaurant all rolled into one. Quite the place. And they had a very nice semi-dry Riesling that came home with both Lynn and I. After that we headed back to hotel to meet up with Frank and went to dinner at the Ponderosa Steakhouse, which was very reminiscent of Cactus Willie's in Baltimore where Frank and I had our wedding rehearsal dinner. It was alright but by then we were all pretty tired and the boys have been quite destructive in restaurants recently so I was pretty glad to get back to the hotel and put the little devils to bed!
In big news James took his very first step this afternoon in the hotel room from grandma to me. It was so exciting! Just one tiny little step but the herald of more craziness to come!

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