Friday, July 16, 2010

On the road...

Well we are on the road- heading to Cooperstown NY. The beginning of what will be a really fun road trip or a harrowing experience I will never want to repeat. We are going to Cooperstown on our way to Geneva, Ny where Frank is attending the NABEC conference. Then we're off to Niagara Falls, followed by a stop in Oswego to visit family before heading home via Aldi's in VT to stock the pantry. Wish us luck!

The first part of the journey was a sucess! We all made it in one piece with no major meltdowns. Kids napped as planned and we only had to stop a few times. The drive across Vt was scenic and we didn't run into too much traffic- just some road construction in Bennington. I took this photo of James at a gas station in NY right before we got on the highway- fueled up and legs stretched for the last leg of the trip to Cooperstown. Tomorrow we head for the Hall of Fame.

ps- I'm writing this as we go but as our internet access is spotty I'm posting when I get the chance so that may mean some mass uploads for my few followers- sorry!

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