Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

Unfortunetly I have to work this 4th of July but it's only every third so... the price you pay for being a nurse! So I missed the bulk of the neighbor's big bash this year but I was able to stop by at the beginning before heading off to work. Xander and I got to play in the bouncy house. We had a ton of fun bouncing but I had to stop after a short while b/c I was getting really sweaty (and stinky...) and I didn't want to spend all night at work stinking the place up! Sadly I missed the snow cones- what a bummer! Xander was clothes when we got there - I promise but seeing as it was a very hot day he decided to take advantage of the kiddy pool- luckily we got his clothes off before he dove in! Then he spent the rest of the time I was there bustling back and forth between the sand box and the playhouse. Busy boy! I tried to get a better photo of him but I was only able to get his attention for split seconds at a time- which do not translate to good face shots. And James was just loving his plastic bottle! When it was time for me to leave Xander said, "where go?" (a sentence, gasp...) and when frank told him that mommy had to go to work he kinda looked at me and went "bye!" It's so nice to be loved...
So off to work I went. Luckily, we did get to see some of the Keene fireworks through the window of the hospital and what we saw looked pretty. Happy Birthday America!

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