Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our first Swamp Bats game!

So for as long as we have lived in this area we have been meaning to go to a Swamp Bats game, but for one reason or another we just haven't seemed to make it. I think usually it's because we don't usually realize that their season has started until half way through! Anyway we were given free tickets this year and (1/2 way through the season) finally made it to our first game, where they lost miserably! It was nice to see some good baseball played though and Frank and I enjoyed it even if Xander wasn't too interested. Somehow I managed to miss both home runs (by the other team) while I was chasing him around! Let's just say that we had a good enough time to want to go again but this first game was also a learning experience. Now we know where the games is (we went to the wrong field so missed the first 2 innings), where to park (we couldn't find a parking spot so missed the 3rd inning), where to sit (we sat in the bleachers at first but then spent the whole time with my heart in my throat as Xander tried to climb up and down but the gaps between bleachers were as big as he is), and that they do sell food or you can bring your own. Randomly we got interviewed by the Keene Sentinel- apparently James was the youngest fan(you can read about our exploits here)! So it looks like we'll be able to make a few more games this season and the next one is sponsored by the hospital where I work so we can get more free tickets and probably see a bunch of people I know!

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