Friday, June 18, 2010

James is 9 months old!

My little bit is 9 months old today! At the moment I am sitting on the couch typing this and he is following Xander up the stairs- yikes! (Frank is supervising...) Anyway he is crawling like a fiend and has 3 teeth- 1 bottom one all the way in, 1 poking through, and 1 on the top off to the side. He's eating baby food like a champ and pulling himself up on anything and everything. He is doing some cruising but learned the hard way that if he actually lets go of anything his giant bowling ball of ahead just pulls him foward and he goes smack on the floor! Someday he will manage to keep his balance while not holding onto anything- I'm ok if it takes a little while! His new passion is the computer and eating on the mouse- or on anything that Xander has which does cause a little sibling rivarly. Xander usually wins!

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