Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The end of lambing

On Monday when we sheared we could tell that Honeybun was the last of the ewes to be getting ready to lamb and she proved us right this afternoon by gracing us with our last spring lamb of 2012.  Unfortunately it looks like she was bred with the Dorset ram rather than the Babydoll ram who was supposed to be breeding her but she didn't have problems with the birthing which was our main concern with breeding her to the dorset. She had a little beast of a ram lamb who weighed in at just under 10 lbs, which when you consider that Honeybun fully grown only weighs about 60-70 lbs is a giant lamb for her. So that brings our lambing total to 9 lambs- 3 sets of twins and 3 singles. We have one more group of ewes that lambed in the winter so they should lamb again later this summer and we have one yearling ewe who also hasn't lambed yet so we'll see what happens with her. All in all it was a great year for lambing- no stillbirths and all the lambs survived without intervention!

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Reba said...

that is a great success rate for your lambs! can't wait to see them sometime. naomi will love that. your mini-family reunion sounds like fun!