Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Word of the Week- Armadillo

The boys are both doing really well right now.  James has a bit of an ear infection but he is soldiering through and overall is doing much better at sleeping through the night in his big boy bed.  He still likes someone to lay down with him to fall asleep and usually once a night he wakes up and need some cuddles but he is at least going pretty much right back to sleep. Xander is much better about falling asleep on his own but usually at some point during the night I wake up and find him in bed with me- he's sneaky that way! James can be pretty impish at times and is usually in the way because he is right on your heels but for the most part he is pretty happy.  His favorite words continue to be "no" and "why." Xander is much more compliant than James in a lot of ways but he is going through the terrible three with a vengeance. He's trying very hard to assert his independence so when he doesn't get what he wants a temper tantrum usually ensues.  I think some of it is directly related to how well he slept the night before!

It's hard to tell exactly how well he is doing in school since I am not there with him.  I know he has trouble with doing activities that he doesn't really feel like doing at that particular time but overall I am really impressed with how much he is learning.  At home at least he is doing well with counting up to 3 and often further is you don't mind him routinely skipping 4, and he has a impressive command of the alphabet already. Last night he was actually reading the words "yes" and "no" to me. A lot of it depends on how interested he is in the subject but since he's only 3 we'll cut him some slack!

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