Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crafting Balance

I admit it I am a knitting snob. Sewing is really my first love but as the kids got bigger sewing got to be more and more difficult.  It's so much less portable and no matter how hard I tried to child proof the sewing room they always found something to get their sticky digits into. When they were babies they would play in their exersaucer or on the floor and I could sew happily away but toddler boys aren't so into that plan. Then there was my desire to use wool covers with my cloth diapers but I couldn't afford to buy them, hence a new obsession was born.

I never really thought much about crochet really.  As far as I knew all crochet was good for was making great afghans. As I am leaning more about yarn crafts I have found that despite my true love for knitting, crochet also has it place.  For example crochet flowers are WAY cooler than knitted flowers.  There are some really amazing crochet borders that you can do as well. For the most part I think I will leave the crocheting to Frank but I have been having him teaching me bit by bit to make things like flowers. I would also like to try to crochet some grocery bags so we'll see if I ever get around to that.

As for other fiber crafts one of my goals for this summer is try my hand at dyeing some yarn.  I'm very excited about this and have been reading up but it seems like summertime would be a better time to try because I can work outside and then the boys will be more occupied digging holes in the yard than getting dye all over them. And some day when I don't have many small sticky fingers about I would love to learn to spin but that is for far in the future I think.

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Renee Anne said...

I've heard that one of the "best" ways to start dyeing yarn is to do it with kool-aid and vinegar. That way, if said small children do get their sticky little fingers in it, it's nothing that's going to hurt them (though I don't imagine that they're going to like vinegar).

I've avoided the dyeing bug, so far...and crochet, for the most part. The spinning bug? Nope. Knitting? Obviously not.