Friday, April 27, 2012

Knitting as meditation...

An Ode to Knitting

It starts with a string and 2 sticks.
The end of a long day,
my nerves are frayed,
my patience is gone,
I'm all touched out,
the kids are finally in bed.

click, clack, peace

I pick up my string and 2 sticks.
I settle on the couch,
no one demanding to be fed,
no one touching me,
no one crying,
no one yelling,

click, clack, peace

My string and sticks work in harmony.
loop. click. loop. clack.
My mind begins to wander.
I ponder the issues of my day,
one by one I let them go
My neck begins to relax.
I sink deeper into the couch.
My acrobat baby begins to make his nightly tumbling passes.

click, clack, peace

My string and sticks begin to slow.
loop..... click..... loop.....clack
My mind has let go.
My neck is relaxed.
My shoulders are relaxed.
I am one with the couch.
The acrobat stops kicking my bladder
and settles into gentle waves.
We are at peace together.

click, clack, sleep.

1 comment:

GirlAnachronismE said...

I love the poem, it's so calming, exactly how I think of knitting.