Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So I lied...

Frank and I were out with the sheep this afternoon trying to catch the newest little guy (well he isn't really so little anymore) in order to band his tail and we were admiring all the girls when I got a really good look at Midnight for the first time since shearing day. Looks like we will be adding at least one more lamb to the brood sometime soon!  I swear a week ago when we sheared she didn't look at all pregnant and now she looks like she could lamb at any any moment! I'm not surprised.  Bob managed to get all the other ewes pregnant but everyone else had already lambed and with Midnight being a yearling we thought maybe she just wasn't ready yet- HA! You'd think by now we'd have learned better! Now we just need to come up with names for all the keepers- any suggestions?

Current sheep count is at:
3 Rams (anyone looking for a Southdown Babydoll Ram?)
2 Wethers
9 Ewes
4 Winter lambs (4 ewes)
9 Spring lambs (5 ewes, 4 rams)
Total: 27

Of the ewe lambs we are looking to keep probably 8 out of 9- Yikes! Pretty soon we are going to have to call ourselves real sheep farmers.

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Reba said...

let the boys name the sheep! :)