Friday, October 26, 2012

Maggie is 4 weeks old!

It is totally, utterly, completely impossible for me to believe that my baby girl is 4 weeks old already!  Yikes... how did that happen? It has been a week of firsts for Maggie- her first road trip, her first sheep and wool festival, her first staff meeting at mommy's work, her first trip to the YMCA...  She is just starting to really smile, not just farty or in her sleep smiles.  I think a baby smile is just the most wonderful thing.  Her whole face lights up and she has the sweetest dimples. She looks more and more like James as time goes on.  We were looking at baby pictures of  James the other day and when I asked Xander who they were he replied "Maggie!" Good thing she has tons of pink clothes.

I was giving her a bath the other day and as I was bathing her her beautiful baby hair was just coming out in chunks.  I'm so sad.  I knew she would lose the baby hair but watching it just fall out in clumps was really depressing.  I think babies with hair are so cute! I know it will grow back but still... When we were at my work for staff meeting we put her on the scale and she now weighs 10lbs 13oz so she is certainly doing well in that category.  We seem to have found a slightly better groove in terms of sleep at night as she has been consistently sleeping for 3-4 hours.  So all is well in baby land! It's going to be a busy couple of weeks and we seem to have lots of things planned for the next week or so and then in a few weeks we are off to MO for Thanksgiving. I found out that my first day back at work will be December 20th- just in time for Christmas, bummer!

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reba alice said...

knowing your kids, maggie's hair will grow back in blond anyway...super cute! :) her baptism date is fine. it will probably just be me and ahinjel there since i don't have naomi that weekend as of right now.