Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Maggie is one week old!

"I like to smile in my sleep"- Do you ever wonder what babies dream about?
It's hard to believe it had been a whole week since our little princess joined us.  It feels like forever and then hardly any time at all.  We are all doing well.  I've been feeling pretty tired but my stomach has finally settled back to normal so I'm not feeling as sick as I was.  All my test results came back negative so not sure if I just had the stomach flu or maybe it was food poisoning that was making my stomach so upset but since I am finally feeling better I am not sure I care what was causing it!  I felt well enough to venture out of the house today- Momma's first solo trip with Maggie! We had an appointment at the hospital and then got to visit with some of my co-workers who were all quite happy to meet my little Magpie.  We visited with the lactation consultant and got the chance to throw Maggie onto the scale.  My little peanut now weighs 8lbs 7oz after a feeding (she was 8lbs 2oz on Monday at her weight check). So above her birthweight at one week old- smart girl! She's been a  great little nurser so now we just have to get through the sore part of breastfeeding initiation and we should be good.  She's even taken to sleep for 3-4 hour stretches at night in between feeds so I couldn't ask for more!

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Grill said...

She looks just like you, Whitney! Congratulations many many times!