Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Maggie is 5 weeks old!

Happy Halloween!
I must reiterate how hard it is for me to believe how quickly time is flying by.  My baby girl is a month old already- yikes! I think she is precious and gorgeous and perfect but then again I am a bit bias so... James brought this cute little pumpkin home from school today and it was perfectly Maggie sized so he decided she should hold it for a little while. She is doing really well, eating like a champ and sleeping like a champ even for a 5 week old baby.  She is sleeping a bit better at night- doing at least one 4 hour stretch every night.  It's amazing how when you have a newborn 4 hours of straight sleep feels like a full night and you feel quite rested! She was almost 11 lbs last week so growing like a weed.  So far her first Halloween has been pretty uneventful.  Check out Pumpkin Wars on HGTV tonight to see how we celebrate around here!

I thought I would join up again with Ginny's yarn along.  My work in project Wednesdays have taken on new meaning.... but I'm finally finding time to knit again.  I started a Mulnomah in some gorgeous hand dyed sock yarn I got at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival last weekend. I'm liking the pattern so far and I think it will go well with the colorway I am working with. I'm having some trouble with dropping stitches (a lot) but that might have something to do with knitting while nursing and or while being clambered upon by raucous toddlers. I'm also not used to knitting with small needles so I should have a lot of practice by the time I am done with this shawl. I can't wait to get to the feather and fan section. I should be working on Christmas presents but I figured I'd make something for myself instead...

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momto5 said...

oh my goodness, such a sweetheart. :) what a lovely baby you have.
that shawl is beautiful.