Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Maggie is 6 weeks old!

My oldest and my youngest enjoying a quiet moment together
 It's so incredibly hard for me to believe that Maggie is 6 weeks old already!  How time flies... I'm so grateful that my husband has agreed to be dirt poor for the next few months so that I don't have to go back to work for another six weeks! Maggie is growing like a weed- she must weigh at least 12 lbs by now.  She has pretty much outgrown all her newborn clothes and is moving into 3-6 months. Overall she is a really good baby despite being a night owl like her mama! Yesterday she was really cranky in the afternoon and evening but she seems a little better today.  I literally could not put her down yesterday - must be that six week growth spurt. She is starting to give me real smiles now and they just warm my heart.  I'll try to get a picture. She has really amazing head control too. She really can hold her head up without much help or support.

Easy Knit mittens for James- he picked out his own colors!
The other day I realized that winter was truly upon us and I couldn't ignore it anymore! So I dug out all the winter hats and coats etc for the kids.  I had been meaning to make mittens for the boys but hadn't quite gotten to it yet so the other day James and I dug through the yarn stash and dug up some yarn for mittens.  I actually had several 1/2 balls and other colors so I let James chose what he wanted.  First he picked the orange but I didn't have enough to make plain orange mittens so I asked him to pick another color and he picked the tuareg blue. I was skeptical at first but they actually came out cute.  These are seamed since it was the first time I used the pattern I just followed it as written but I am making another pair for Xander that I am knitting in the round.  I had planned on making them last night but hard to knit and hold a crabby baby at the same time so I only got one cuff done.  Today I'm hoping to find some time to work on them. Ravelry details here. I'm still working on my Multnomah but I've just gotten to the lace section so I need some time where I can pay attention to what I am doing before I can move forward.  Once I do the repeat a few times I should be good but I don't want to mess it up in the first few rows.

I haven't found much time for reading yet so we'll have to stick with knitting for now. I'm joining up again with Ginny at Small Things to share the knitting love though.


Julia said...

Great picture of the two of them staring at each other. I often find that the color matches my kids pick work better than I think they will.

momto5 said...

those mittens look wonderful. i love the color combos kids pick out.
and your wee babe, oh my goodness, such a love.

EMMA said...

Great choice of colours for the mittens, they look 'fun'.
Lovely pictures of your children.

Lori ann said...

so sweet, i love those ages. and what adorable mittens!