Thursday, November 22, 2012

Maggie's First Thanksgiving

We celebrated Maggie's first Thanksgiving in Missouri with Frank's family.  We so rarely get to go and spend some quality time out there because of work commitments here in NH.  Since I am currently on maternity leave and Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving fell within consecutive weeks this year we were able to scrounge up 2 whole weeks of vacation time to go and visit the family.  Additionally we managed to score plane tickets for all five of us for less than $1000 so off we went. First thing Thanksgiving morning we went to church and then headed to Troy, Missouri to the home of Frank's Aunt Dot who was hosting this year. Not many people realize but family holidays with Frank's family are a massive affair.  He has 27 first cousins on his mother's side alone, plus aunts and uncles, cousins' spouses and cousins' children. Now not everyone was there of course but it was a pretty packed house. Maggie wasn't actually the youngest baby there- one of the cousins had a week old baby there who was so precious and tiny! Anyway we had a wonderful day with plenty of yummy food and more than enough company!  Yeah for big families... The boys got a little (lot)wound up by the end of the day and pretty much attacked their cousin Sarah- who was a great sport about it all. They fell asleep on the way home thank goodness.
All Smiles!

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reba alice said...

happy 1st thanksgiving to maggie! sounds like it was so much fun for you all.