Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Visit to the City Museum

James gleefully throwing balls in the giant pit
 We are having a lovely visit here in MO.  The weather has for the most part cooperated and we have had warm, sunny days. It's not nearly as cold as at home.  The boys have thoroughly enjoyed helping Grandpa feed the cows and riding around the farm on Grandpa's mule.  They were thrilled when he took them to the sale barn last night- what an adventure! They have also been enjoying some serious spoiling on the part of Grandma but hey that's what Grandmas are for, right?  I've had some nice quality time with Maggie while the boys have been off romping and I even left her with Grandma for a few hours so Frank and I could go to a movie. Luckily she took a bottle like a champ and everyone survived- mommy included.

Riding the train
Today we went to the City Museum in St Louis. I'm honestly not sure how to describe this place but it was awesome! Frank has been saying for years when the boys got old enough he wanted to take them and now I understand why. Basically the whole place- all six stories- is a giant maze and climbing structure, including a giant ball pit. We slid down a 10 story slide, rode trains, played in the ball pit, explore caves, drove a firetruck, slid down a whole bunch more slides and generally climbed and clambered all over the place for 6 hours straight. We had a little hiccup in the middle of the day when Maggie decided to throw up all over herself and me.  Luckily she had a change of clothes and mostly she just hit my pants so I was able to sponge them off and continue on, but then of course Xander spilled a full glass of soda everywhere so I spent the middle art of the day pretty wet.  Why I brought an extra change of clothes for myself on the plane for this contingency but didn't think to bring some today is beyond me. Anyway the point being I highly recommend the City Museum if you are ever in St Louis with kiddos- preferably adventurous, maybe slightly older kids than mine.  I'm off to bed because tomorrow we are off to the zoo!

Climbing the outside maze!


Renee Anne said...

That sounds like a ton of fun! I never remember to bring extra clothes for myself...or Little Man. Oh well. I may bring extra when we go to the Mythbusters Exhibit in San Jose on Friday...mostly because it's Black Friday and we'll be at least an hour south of our home (in "normal" traffic).

reba alice said...

what movie did you guys see? i think we are taking nay tomorrow to see rise of the guardians.