Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Alexander is 19 months old!

Oh how times flies! They tell you that it does but it never really seemed to sink in for me until you are watching your kids grow up and they just change so fast! We had a sort of nice Christmas. Christmas Eve was nice but then Christmas day ended up being kind a stinker, more for Frank than me. I stayed up late when I got home from work watching the kdis open presents and such so by the time I got to bed I was wiped. James came in and ate but I was so exhausted I asked Frank not to wake me up again until to feed until I had to go to work as there was plenty of milk in the fridge. But then I guess he was kinda fussy all afternoon and then after I went to work he just got crabbier and crabbier. Finally after he had been screaming for several hours straight Frank threw in the towel and brought him to me at work so I could feed him. so after he tanked up at the breast he went home and slept for 6 blessed hours but by the end of it Frank was feeling pretty frazzled. My poor spoiled breast baby! He only took one bottle at daycare today and Frank said he only ate 2 oz when he fed him tonight so the poor little bugger is going be hungry when he wakes up- hopefully by then I will be home!

I can't believe that Xander is 19 months old- that is closer to 2 than 1 eeek! Just tonight I was talking about speech therapy and potty training at work and I realized that I don't really remember Xander at James' age- they change and grow so fast and there is just so much going on with them all the time that you forget how old they were when... I guess it is a good thing I have this blog to help me remember! It's like an online baby book for them. I think Xander enjoyed Christmas though. He didn't really get the whole Santa thing but he figured out that the pretty packages had lots of fun stuff in them pretty quickly! We spread out the opening of presents over Christmas eve and day and I think that was good for him b/c he just wanted to play with everything. I think his fav toy so far is the megablock dump wagon- it has all the things a little boy could love- legos, a wagon and a dumptruck all rolled into one! He loves his wooden train set too and the wooden cars I got him in the $1 bin at target are also a huge favorite! Frank tried to take Xander sledding on Christmas eve but that wasn't such a big hit. He liked it better on the toboggan than on the sled but I think sometimes when he gets all bundled up and ready to outside he can barely move and that really bothers him.

And lastly in big news James slept in his crib in his room last night for the first time. We are trying to establish good sleep habits earlier with him than we did with Xander so since recently he has been sleeping pretty long stretches at night we decided better now than never and into his crib he went. And he slept for about 9:30-4 and actually went right back to sleep after eating at 4. We had to wake him up to send him off to daycare this morning. Unlike Xander I think James is not much of a morning person- he takes after him mommy in that respect! Hopefully we can work Jame sin to the evening routine so that both boys are heading to bed at the same time so me and Frank can get some chores done or (gasp) get a little extra sleep!

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