Monday, December 14, 2009

happier news

In happier farm related news Molly is pregnant which means that Alexander should have an early birthday present of a new calf. Spring should be a busy time on the farm with Molly due to calf and the sheep due to lamb and me to have a new flock of duck/chickens. Heck maybe by then we'll be ready for some baby geese- MJ is getting big so hopefully she'll start laying sometime! Too bad Xander isn't old enough for his first 4-H calf yet b/c it would be so cool if they had birthdays close together- oh well. We'll start him getting to know this calf so that by the time he is old enough to be a cloverbud and actually have his own calf he will be well versed in caring for an animal. Sadly though I think he has to be 8 so we have a ways to go!

Oh and James survived his first day at daycare. I survived my first weekend at work and Frank "survived" his first weekend of being alone with both kids all night long. Unfortunetly I think that Sat night went better than Sun- he seemed pretty beat when I got home this morning. Actually he was sleeping on the couch and it sounded like he hadn't actually been able to sleep in bed all night. Apparently Xander wa sup so he slept in the chair with him for a while and then as soon as he got X down, then James decided to be fussy. I came home to find them on the couch with James passed out on his chest! They were so cute. So Daddy got to go to his own bed for about 45 minutes before he had to get up and go to work. This too shall pass and hopefully James will get better about taking a bottle and settling back down afterwards but unfortunetly he always seems pretty fussy after the 4am feeding even when I have him so... I guess we'll have to hope that he will just grow out of it. I need to check the Ferber book and see when he is old enough to let him fuss a little- this time I am determined to train him early to fall asleep on his own!

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Reba said...

i am so sorry about effie! :( glad everybody survived daycare and back to work. poor frank! i am sure that can't have been fun. good luck with getting james to sleep easier! i'll have to tell you about our adventures in sleeping sometime. xoxoxo