Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

So this year I had to work Christmas Eve and Day again(long story....) but at the last minute they decided they didn't need 4 of us and I was able to split the shift with one of my co-workers so she worked the first half of Christmas eve and I came in at 11pm. I still have to work Christmas night too but it gave me some extra time to spend with the family at home. We got to go to church, come home and have our shrimp dinner, and then open some of our presents before I had to go to work. We'll open the rest of our presents when I get home in the morning. I think it actually worked out well b/c that way we get to pace Xander a bit.. he'd open a present and then want to play with it. Next year I think that Christmas will take all day just to open presents!

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