Friday, April 29, 2011

Finally over...

I am so glad that April 28th is finally over! What a terrible day from start to finish... It was just nutso at work with crazy deliveries and terrible looking strips that just make my stomach ache thinking about them. Plus we've had all this scheduling cr*p that is so wearing I was about ready to quit. According to management we are adequately staffed but the feeling among those of us that work here night after night is a little different. Today was the first day that I seriously considered looking for a new job! But it's April 29th now, the babies are all here safetly, and it's a new day so here's hoping today is brighter and better than yesterday. Plus I get to watch the Royal Wedding so there's some nice happy fluff to lift my spirits!

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Reba said...

lots of excitement for you guys lately! sorry work has been so busy and bad.

how do you get xander to take antibiotics when he has an ear infection? we're on round 2 with naomi (she got an ear infection early in april after one of her tubes fell out) and we can't get her to take her meds. we've tried coaxing, bribing, mixing with delicious things, forcing it down her throat. any ideas?