Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend update.

Saturday we ended up skipping swim class. We had a lot planned for the weekend and everyone was having a hard time getting going Saturday morning so we decided to have some quality family downtime instead. Frank got to sleep in and the boys and I played and they took a nice early nap. Saturday afternoon we headed into town to meet with our accountant. Every year we say that we are going to get our taxes in early and somehow instead of getting earlier it somehow seems to get later- this year we are filing an extension. Next year I tell you! While Frank met with him, I waited in line to get Leo a Rabies vaccination. Of course I didn't realize that I needed to bring proof of previous vaccination with me so he was only bale to get the one year shot but then at least we can take him and Cassie next year and get them on the same schedule. Now I just have to make it down to the town hall and get them registered before the end of the month. After the rabies clinic we looked at some of the animals at the humane society. We'd like to adopt a barn cat b/c we are having some serious mice issues out in the barn. Hopefully they will get back to us soon! Then we went to Cheshire Horse to buy feed and Home Depot for light bulbs etc. We met up with my mom, Nikki, James, Riley and Connor at Target where I coupon shopped! Then we all headed over to Longhorn for supper. MMM delicious. Not super weight watcher friendly but I did ok... just don't get the chocolate stampede. Luckily the boys fell asleep on the way home in the car so that made bedtime really easy.

Sunday we went to church in the morning and then headed own to Hopkinton, MA to Playtown Express for Naomi's birthday party. I'm not sure who had more fun the boys or Frank! Playtown Express is an indoor play place that has a ton of inflatables- a bouncy house, giant slide, obstacle course, plus lots of fun ride-ons and pretend toys. James started out pretty into the grocery store. He loaded up all the play food into his shopping cart and then was pushing it all over the place. That lasted until he tried to climb into the front of the shopping cart which was meant for something doll sized and although James is small he is bigger than that! Xander spent most of the time in the giant slide with Frank with small breaks to race James on the car ramps and jump in the bouncy house. We only managed to get him out of there with the promise of cake and that really didn't last long before he wanted to go back and play. We all really had a wonderful time and it made me wish that we had something like that closer to home b/c the boys really slept well that night!

Monday I took James to the audiologist- with much the same results as last time. It's rather disconcerting to sit in that booth and hear the audiologist talking to him pretty loudly and him having no acknowledgement whatsoever. Apparently he is currently hearing at about 35 decibels- they measure hearing between 0-50 decibels and the lower the number the better you hear. Most audible speech is around 25 decibels so unless you are yelling at him he probably isn't hearing you well. I'm going to attribute most of his mischievous behavior on that! His tympanograms continue to be flat and as the audiologist said, "his ears are just chock full of fluid." So the the ENT we go. Our appointment isn't for a few weeks but I imagine that it will pretty much lead to another set of tubes for us- three sets of tubes in 9 months, yuck! I am interested to ask the ENT about also removing James' adenoids at the time of his first tubes. Given the problems we had with Xander I really don't want to end up with four sets of tubes in one year but then again I also don't want to subject James to unnecessary surgery. I am conflicted. But those months of ear infection upon ear infection were pretty much miserable for Xander and everyone around him so I don't want to subject James to that either... I guess we'll just have to see what the Dr recommends.

And Tuesday we just had a nice boring lazy day at home. I need to make sure we schedule those days more often because while the boys get a little wild- especially since in the afternoon it was pouring and I wouldn't let them go play outside- it is still nice to just hunker down and go nowhere and do nothing but hang out with my boys (and maybe squeeze in a little knitting....).

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