Saturday, April 16, 2011

How do they get so dirty?????

This was James after dinner last night. I swear most of his yogurt ended up in his hair! You should have seen his clothing before I stripped him!!! I wasn't about the pick the child up the way he was. Luckily it was bath time anyway.

I took Xander to the audiologist on Tuesday. His tympanograms looks good which is a huge relief b/c that means his tubes are in good working order. He does still rub at his ears sometimes, especially in the mornings, but so far no ear infections. His hearing is well within normal range so that is good but given how well his speech has come along I'm not surprised that he is hearing better. Tuesday afternoon he had speech therapy and we went for a walk, which was a nice change. We saw a wood pecker and heard a ton of frogs/crickets in the pond down the road- Xander kept looking for the frogs and was confused by the idea that he could hear them but not see them. He did get to see the wood pecker though. Next week we start dual speech therapy with Xander and James together- we'll see how that goes or if we need to do 2 sessions a week.

Wednesday morning was gym class- we skipped swim this week b/c I had to work Wed night and I was feeling tired so I wanted to get a decent nap. It was a good thing I did b/c Wed was a pretty crazy night at work. Xander loves gym class so much it is funny! This week she had the ball pit out which I kinda wish she just wouldn't do at all b./c for the boys it is a total distraction. They will do all the other activities when the balls aren't there but with balls they spend 3/4 of the time in the ball pit. Xander is doing really, really well with jumping, the ring, and climbing the ladder and he can even do the wide balance beam without any help from me. This week he started walking sideways down the beam. We are signed up for one more session of toddler gym and swim and then he will be 3 so I may move him to preschool gym. We have major scheduling changes coming down the pike at work so it may be a challenge to keep them in gym and swim at all but I am going to do my best. At the very least he could do gym Saturday mornings with Frank. I really want to keep him in gymnastics b.c I think it helps focus his energy a bit. Swimming I don't know.... Xander seems to have hit an impasse in regards to skill. He is still a little fish but he doesn't seem to be getting any better. He refuses to use his arms most of the time and he doesn't really follow along well with the class- the Saturday class especially. It is a very busy class and the teacher is rather soft spoken so I wonder sometimes if he can even hear her (but according to the audiologist he can hear just fine!). Wed he does a little better but he is usually so tired by the time swim is over that it's almost too much.... We've been slowly decreasing the floatation in his vest and that does seem to help him use his arms more but I don't know how much he is getting out of it really in terms of swimming skills. We are going to do one more session and then we will probably take a break for the summer. Hopefully we will be going to the beach a lot! James is just a big old lump in the pool. He likes to chew on duckies and go down the slide but he usually makes no effort to paddle or kick his legs. Every once in awhile he has a really good class and he seems to get it and then nothing for weeks. I keep holding out for the days when he really seems to get it.

Friday I got up early after and go to meetings together so we can keep each other on track. So we had our first weigh in and we both lost 3 lbs this week- go us! Unfortunately b/c of my work schedule and her home schedule we can't go to the same meeting every week but we can at least go together. I also joined a weight loss challenge at work starting April 25th. It was $10 to enter, $1 for every lb gained and whoever loses the most weight percentage wise by July 25th wins the whole pot! It's a good goal to shoot for anyway. So far the whole WW thing is going pretty well. I am eating withing my points and not feeling hungry and I lost weight so the biggest challenge will be motivation to keep moving forward- hopefully having the challenge and D to keep me on track will help.

You'll have to excuse the excessive number of James pictures- Xander is currently mostly refusing to have his picture taken- he just wants to be behind the camera! Oh yeah and don't mind James in the tutu- he was trying on Naomi's birthday present for me to make sure it would fit her!

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