Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yarn Along

Not much knitting going on this week I'm sad to say! This is all I have accomplished on the hat to match the blue sweater (which I finally finished and posted about here). My plan was whip it out but then I had to work all weekend and we were very busy at work so I had no chance to knit at all on my breaks. Then Monday and Tuesday things just totally got away from me and tonight I have to work again not much knitting going on! I want to get this hat finished so I can start on Xander's birthday present. I figure I still have a month before his birthday but it might take me that long to get it done! Reading-wise I am trying to get going on studying for the IBCLC exam. July 25th is the date and I only get reimbursed if I pass- so I need to get cracking on the studying. Plus it will be great to have my certification.

Monday I managed to get my closet cleaned out and that is about it! I fell asleep with Xander at 8:00- but seeing as I worked Sun night and only slept about 4 hours I figure that isn't such a bad thing. Tuesday I was just tired all day. Connor and my Mom came for a visit so the boys had a blast playing with him. We tired out the sidewalk chalk and I finally broke into the paints that I got them. I am SO glad that we waited for that to be an outside activity when there were 3 adults present b/c boy was that a mess! Fun but extremely messy. I think James had more paint on him than the paper. We had a lovely dinner of homegrown steak and then we went out for ice cream. It was once we got back that things went downhill! Xander had locked James' room and then shut the door- luckily while no one was in the room b/c we don't have a key to that room. Frank thought he could jimmy the lock open but then couldn't and he finally had to take the door frame off to get the lock open. Needless to say that took awhile so I tried to get James to sleep in our room but he would not fall asleep. Finally at midnight I just tossed him in his crib and said good-night. I don't know how long he cried for but he finally fell asleep. Then at 4:30am he was up again. I put him back down but he was up again at 5:30-6ish. Frank got him to go back down then but we were both pretty wiped. Then as Frank as getting ready for work he let the dogs in the house only to find out that Cassie got into a fight with a rat (who lost BTW..) but in the process got her ear sliced open at the tip so she bled all over the front step and the sun room. We got her washed up and bandaged and she promptly shook the bandage right off her ear and bled all over the couch! So that meant a trip to the vet who glued her ear and bandaged her up and gave her a rabies booster. Of course she had that bandage off before we even got home and then bled all over my car! I re bandaged her once we got home and now that we have been at home she has kept that one on. Hopefully we can keep it on her long enough to get her ear to stop bleeding every time she shakes her head. So needless to say I didn't get much sleep today- we'll see how tonight at work goes!

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